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The Digital Cafe offers Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We design and set up site profiles, create and source social content, and develop a personalised content calendar alongside a social advertising plan for your social media channels.

The Benefit: The key here is expanding your own media. We will deliver you a stronger and more consistent presence, and greater engagement on the most relevant social media platforms for your business. We will help keep your business visible amongst current customers as well as promote you to prospective customers.

The Digital Cafe creates advertising plans

Advertising Plans

We will build a clear strategy and plan to achieve specific marketing goals through all accessible channels. We will consider all media such as TV, radio, outdoor, magazines, newspapers or whatever emerges next, if we think it is the right channel to meet your objective. When we have developed the media approach, we then focus on the ads, testing, campaign monitoring and analysis. 

The Benefit: Highly focused plans which are designed for specific goals.

The Digital Cafe does analytics recommendations


We analyse metrics against your business goals to inform recommendations for strategy going forward.

The Benefit: The value to you is assistance in tracking and improving your marketing effectiveness and competitiveness across all your digital real estate. 

The Digital Cafe does content creation

Content Creation

We can develop a content plan for your business. This includes creating original web and video content and distributing it so the maximum number of people see it.

The Benefit: This will increase your business' credibility.  Branded content done right will help more potential customers better discover your business on the web. 

The Digital Cafe builds websites

Website Creation

We can build your website on platforms that are easy for you to manage.

The Digital Cafe does email marketing (EDM)

Email Marketing

We offer a service to manage a newsletter program.  This includes design, copy, list management and analytics. 

The Benefit: We are able to maintain CRM for you plus performance tracking.